Tax Structuring and Planning We have extensive experience in complex tax structuring, which is the Law Office’s largest area of practice. We represent individuals and entities in all areas of tax planning and structuring, including tax issues relating to international taxation, real estate,partnerships and entity formation. The Law Office handles all aspects of these issues, including estate planning, business dissolutions and tax controversies with the IRS.

Tax Issues for Not-for-Profits We advise private and corporate not-for-profit organiza-
tions on matters including choice of entity, entity formation, grantmaking, international activities, including expenditure responsi-
bility, investment activities, and program related investing. We represent tax-exempts in mergers, acquisitions, and dissolutions; structure taxable and exempt subsidiaries.

Real Estate We advise individuals and corporations in the structuring, formation, financing and investment activity of real estate investment entities.

Corporate Law We advise small corporations on general business and corporate law issues, with a particular focus on matters relating to corporate formation, venture capital and debt structure.

Litigation We represent individuals and entities on matters including contract disputes, business torts, corporate law disputes, real estate disputes, partnership breakups and entity dissolution.